Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunrise @ Mengkabong River 2010

It was in the early morning of 1st June 2010, my cousins, Gayle and Eudora went out around 5 am just to go and take the sunrise at Mengkabong.

Thought it was a crazy thing to do since it was the holidays...but I was amaze at the sunrise at Mengkabong since it really inspired me what wonderful thing that God created in this world and I manage to capture it from my lens..

Taken around 5.50 am

This was taken around 6.00 a.m

This was taken around 6.15 am

My cousins on action, Eudora and Daphne with me on the suspension bridge of Mengkabong.

B&W at Mengkabong..really like the wave..kind of look like sand :)

B&W again but this time the river was still waving normally without any boat going through..

It was so amazing and I'm glad I woke up that morning to catch the view..
To view all the photos can go to my flickr account...

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