Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunrise @ Mengkabong River 2010

It was in the early morning of 1st June 2010, my cousins, Gayle and Eudora went out around 5 am just to go and take the sunrise at Mengkabong.

Thought it was a crazy thing to do since it was the holidays...but I was amaze at the sunrise at Mengkabong since it really inspired me what wonderful thing that God created in this world and I manage to capture it from my lens..

Taken around 5.50 am

This was taken around 6.00 a.m

This was taken around 6.15 am

My cousins on action, Eudora and Daphne with me on the suspension bridge of Mengkabong.

B&W at Mengkabong..really like the wave..kind of look like sand :)

B&W again but this time the river was still waving normally without any boat going through..

It was so amazing and I'm glad I woke up that morning to catch the view..
To view all the photos can go to my flickr account...

Reaching Sabah...30th May 2010

It was a decision of a lifetime that I've made to fly back Sabah without notifying anyone even my family...the days was a memorable one as I step out from my house at Cheras around 4.30 am and took the taxi to the LCCT airport..

Along the way I was having some glimpse of my lifetime at KL for the past 5 years and indeed it was a memorable one...friends and love one that I will always remember in my life forever...

The moment I reach the airport..I was taking my moments to see the last time of the Peninsular before going back to Sabah..have to keep moving forward..that was the thing that keep me going up until now..

The flight took about 2 hours and I slept the whole way since haven't slept the whole day that day...

As soon as I arrive, I took the taxi back to my hometown...One by one of my family was surprise seeing me back..It was indeed a surprise for them since they never expected me to be back for the Kaamatan Family Day..but I manage to be back to my hometown..

Yes..I've finally reach Sabah..and Thank God it was a safe flight and safely back to my old room..:)

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Life..New Vision

Its been a while since I wrote anything from my blog..the early month of May 2010 was the day that I left Maxis as a Data Consultant and return back to my home town, Sabah.

It was a very hard decision to make but by all odds a decision have been made to leave the company. It has been four years that I made great friends in the company and now all will only be just memory and only remain is friendship.

Now I will begin my new life and and new vision back at my home town. I'm learning back all what I've learn during my time at Maxis and will make something useful of it.

I pray to God that he may give me a sign of choosing the right way this time.

Enjoy this video that I made of how I'm saying Goodbye to my fellow colleague at Maxis

Goodnite everyone and God Bless..^_^

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